“We worked with Jennifer Jaynes this summer to complete our estate plan and would highly recommend her to anyone! Jennifer is highly competent…”

-Lauren W., Oakland, California

Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Law in California


Jennifer Jaynes offers clients a unique background in family law, trusts and estate law, and taxation. Delivering timely, accurate, and sound legal counsel and direction is at the core of Jennifer Jaynes Law. The complexities surrounding estate and tax administrative services can overwhelm even the most informed client. Fortunately, Jennifer Jaynes has the experience necessary to help her clients navigate the often-confusing legalese associated with estate planning, probate, and trust law. With extensive expertise in each area of practice, Jennifer Jaynes Law offers the following services:

Estate Planning

With a background in family law, trusts and estate law, and taxation, Jennifer Jaynes brings an unusual package of expertise and an unparalleled thoroughness to estate planning. Employing a flat-fee structure to the estate-planning process lets Jaynes spend as much time as necessary with each client, explaining often-complicated concepts in plain and clear language (even with pictures!). This investment of both time and caring for each plan makes Jaynes a trusted adviser and key resource to her clients during the estate-planning process and, later, to their heirs and appointed fiduciaries.

Wealth Preservation & Tax Minimization

In addition to a law degree, Jennifer Jaynes holds a legal master’s degree (LLM) in taxation, focusing on estate and gift tax. This allows her to include a thorough strategy to minimize or eliminate estate taxes and protect assets in every plan she creates. From choosing between a will and a living trust to employing key strategies and advanced estate-planning tools to minimize estate taxes, Jaynes helps clients maximize wealth for both themselves and their beneficiaries.

Probate & Trust Administration

An estate trustee/executor is often a loved one or friend with little legal knowledge or expertise. Jennifer Jaynes serves as their adviser, ensuring they can comfortably and properly perform their required duties and fiduciary responsibilities during a difficult time. Unlike some estate-planning attorneys, Jaynes will defend the executors/trustees in court, if necessary, ensuring clients’ wishes are followed and their appointed fiduciaries are protected.

Partner with a Certified Bay Area Estate Planning Attorney & Protect Your Assets & Heirs

Don’t leave your legacy to chance. Choose an attorney with experience, expertise, and in-depth legal knowledge to secure your estate for the ones you love. From wealth preservation to tax planning, Jennifer Jaynes is here to help you and your loved ones navigate estate law in San Francisco.